Seminar schedule 2014-2015

Seminars will take place from 16:00-18:00, in Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E  7HU.

Seminar dates:

6 October (room G21a): Introduction: metaphysics and exile; East and West; the One and All; Vanishing

20 October (room 243): Frankfurter Plan

3 November (room 243): Ballade

17 November (room G21a): Henze’s Voices

1 December (room 243): Individual and Totality

12 January: Dialectics in Development? (Guest lecture)

9 February: “Ein furchtbar allverwandlend Wesen ist in ihm” (a terrifying all-transforming essence is in him): Straub & Huillet: Der Tod des Empedokles oder: Wenn dann der Erde Grün von neuem Euch erglänzt. (film, 1986)  For a fragment, see . Straub-Huillet’s remarkable cinematography allows for a unique encounter with the expressive force of the language of the 1798 version of Hölderlin’s text.

23 February: “Hielt die Liebe mich nicht” / “If love did not hold me back”. The three versions of Hölderlin’s play.

2 March: “Das Harte unterliegt” / “Hardness succumbs”. Jameson’s concept of the vanishing mediator.

16 March: “Du, kühner Getöteter” / “you, valliant, killed”. The vanishing mediator in Badiou and Zizek (Theory of the Subject and For They Know Not What They Do-Enjoyment as a Political Factor).

27 April: “An die Nachgeborenen.” The Vanishing Mediator and Retrospective Teleology. Guest lecture by Peter Thompson.

11 May: cancelled.

1 June: The motif of the mountain.

15 June: Concluding postscripts


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