Resources 2014-2015

Here you can find links to most of the texts which we will use and a growing list of secondary literature.

Der Tod des Empedokles

The Death of Empedocles

Tao Te Ching – Richard Wilhelm translation

Tao Te Ching – a comparative website with different translations and the Chinese text

Bertolt Brecht – Kalendergeschichten

Bertolt Brecht – Tales from the Calendar

Bertolt Brecht – An die Nachgeborenen (recording of Brecht’s voice)

Frederic Jameson – The Vanishing Mediator (1973)

Slavoj Zizek – For They Know Not What They Do-Enjoyment as a Political Factor

Alain Badiou – Theory of the Subject

Johan Siebers: Quietude_and_Identity_The_Silent_Core_of_Language

Johan Siebers: Aufenthalt im Unerhoerten_Bloch_Hebel

Johan Siebers: What cannot be said



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