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The intuitive butcher

“Because intuition in Bergson is “integral experience” (The Creative Mind, p. 200), it is made up of an indefinite series of acts, which correspond to the degrees of duration. This series of acts is why Bergson calls intuition a method. The first act is a kind of leap, and the idea of a leap is […]

Process as transgression

I believe that without speculation there is no such thing as depth. The fact that in its absence philosophy really does degenerate into mere description may well seem quite plausible to you. This speculative surplus that goes beyond whatever is the case, beyond mere existence, is the element of freedom in thought, and because it […]

Text fragments Seminar 2

Plato, Sophistes, 249b-d Stranger And it must be conceded that motion and that which is moved exist. Theaetetus Of course. Stranger Then the result is, Theaetetus, that if there is no motion, there is no mind in anyone about anything anywhere. Theaetetus Exactly. Stranger And on the other hand, if we admit that all things […]

Syllabus 2016-2017

Click here for details of the 2016-2017 session of the London German Philosophy Seminar.