A legend

Meister Eckhart met a beautiful naked boy.

He asked him where he came from.

He said: “I come from God.”

Where did you leave him?

“In virtuous hearts.”

Where are you going?

“To God.”

Where do you find him?

“Where I part with all creatures.”

Who are you?

“A king.”

Where is your kingdom?

“In my heart.”

Take care that no one divide it with you!

“I shall.”

Then he led him to his cell.

Take whichever coat you will.

“Then I should be no king!”

And he disappeared.

For it was God himself –

Who was having a bit of fun.


From: Meister Eckhart:  A Modern Translation, by Raymond Blakney, New York: Harper and Row 1941, p. 251.


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