Monthly Archives: October 2013

A legend

Meister Eckhart met a beautiful naked boy. He asked him where he came from. He said: “I come from God.” Where did you leave him? “In virtuous hearts.” Where are you going? “To God.” Where do you find him? “Where I part with all creatures.” Who are you? “A king.” Where is your kingdom? “In […]

Deviating from the straight line

How does spirit arise out of matter? The dialectical materialist refuses this question – matter and spirit are, if anything, two moments of a dialectical relation, which can perhaps only properly be said to be a relation in being itself. But – and this is the point we made on Monday – ‘being’ is not […]

The uses of materialism

After the first session Nicky sent me some comments, I responded and then she responded. That is where we are now.  Comments welcome.   Nicola Sayers: When you talk about materialism, I get the sense that what you value in the term (and what Bloch values in the term) is primarily opposed to the fixity […]